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Smart Drain Device (SDD)

Smart Drain Device or short as SDD, was designated to prevent overflow in floor traps. It effectively prevents any potential overflow of wastewater or washing machine detergent bubbles.

SDD ensures that the floor trap does not exceed its capacity, thereby avoiding any mess or inconvenience.

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    Introducing the latest innovation by Sansico Industries: the Smart Drain Device (SDD). The SDD effectively prevents potential overflow of wastewater and detergent bubbles while keeping cockroaches from entering or exiting your floor trap. Based on Magnetic Levitation concept, SDD is made up entirely of PP material for cost effectiveness and equipped with Neodymium Magnets (world’s strongest magnets) that can last for 2 decades (20 years).

    With its normally closed position, the wastewater will push the disc to open due to gravity discharge. Once the wastewater has been discharged, SDD disc will return to its closed position that triggered by magnetic attraction.

     Innovative features

    • Prevents overflow and bubbles from escaping the floor trap.
    • Keeps cockroaches from entering or exiting floor trap.
    • Clean, hazard-free and healthy for environment.
    • Affordable, easy to use and compact design.


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